A Windham Hill Records Discography

In Which

We attempt to create a comprehensive Windham Hill Discography
Compleat with associated labels, but not including the interminable
Repackaged compilation releases of the last several years.
(Or maybe we will. But…later.)

This is a work in progress. I would be remiss were I to fail to credit John Dark and his excellent Windham Hill resource at Windhaming.com. Truth be told, without that page, there would be no this page.

Latest Update: I went through each artist page from the archive.org December 2000 and December 1996 versions of the Windham Hill website, ensuring I have all the albums they listed.

Other sources include:

I don’t claim this list is complete, comprehensive or correct. I will claim it is a work in progress. Please feel free to leave comments, corrections and critiques.

LabelCat. #ArtistTitleYearAmazoniTunes
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1001Ackerman, WillIn Search of the Turtle's Navel1976AmazoniTunes
Windham Hill RecordsWH -1002Linda WaterfallMary's Garden1977Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1003Ackerman, WillIt Takes a Year1977Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1004DeGrassi, AlexTurning: Turning Back1978Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1005Robbie BashoVisions of the Country1978Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1006Ackerman, WillChildhood and Memory1979Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1007Kidd AfrikaKidd Afrika1979Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1008Bill QuistPiano Solos of Erik Satie1979Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1011David QualeySoliloquy1979Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1010Robbie BashoThe Art of Acoustic Steel String1980Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1012Winston, GeorgeAutumn1980Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1013Daniel HechtWillow1980Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1014Ackerman, WillPassage1981Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1015Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '811981Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1016Cossu, ScottWind Dance1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1017Hedges, MichaelBreakfast in the Field1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1018DeGrassi, AlexClockwork1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1019Winston, GeorgeWinter into Spring1982Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1020Ira Stein & WalderElements1982Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1021Anger, Darol & Barbara HigbieTideline1982Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1022ShadowfaxShadowfax1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1023Story, LizSolid Colors1982Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1024Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '821982Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1025Winston, GeorgeDecember1982Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1026Various ArtistsAn Evening with Windham Hill, Live1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1027Isham, MarkVapor Drawings1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1028Ackerman, WillPast Light1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1029ShadowfaxShadowdance1983Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1030DeGrassi, AlexSouthern Exposure1984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWD-1031Oskay, Billy & Michael O' DomhnaillNightnoise1984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1032Hedges, MichaelAerial Boundaries1984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1033Cossu, ScottIslands1984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1034Story, LizUnaccountable Effect1984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1035Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '841984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1036Anger, Darol & Barbara HigbieLive at Montreux1985Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1037Aaberg, PhilipHigh Plains1985Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1038ShadowfaxDreams of Children1984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1039Winston, GeorgeCountry (Soundtrack)1984Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1040Various ArtistsWindham Hill Piano Sampler1985Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1041Isham, MarkFilm Music1985Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1042Ira Stein & Russell WalderTransit1986Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1043Marshall, Mike & Darol AngerChiaroscuro1986Amazon
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1044Michael ManringUnusual Weather1986
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1045Various ArtistsA Winter's Solstice1985
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1046Malcolm DalglishJogging the Memory1986
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1047InteriorsInteriors1982
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1048Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '861986
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1049Cossu, Scott with Eugene FriesenReunion1986
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1050Ackerman, WillConferring with the Moon1986
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1051ShadowfaxToo Far to Whisper1986
Windham Hill RecordsWD-1055Aaberg, PhilipShape of the Land1986
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1056Wim MertensClose Cover1986
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1057NightnoiseSomething of Time1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1058MontreuxSign Language1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1059W.A. MathieuAvailable Light1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1060Richard Schönherz & Peter ScottOne Night in Vienna1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1061Story, TimGlass Green1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1062Various ArtistsSoul of the Machine1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1063Cossu, ScottShe Describes Infinity1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1064Rubaja & HernandezHigh Plateau1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1065Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '881988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1066Hedges, MichaelLive on the Double Planet1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1067InteriorDesign1987
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1068MetamoraMorning Walk1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1069Aaberg, PhilipOut of the Frame1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1070Ian MatthewsWalking a Changing Line1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1071Fred SimonUsually/Always1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1072Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Guitar Sampler1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1073Phillippe SaisseValerian1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1074Theresa Schroeder-ShekerQueen's Minstrel1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1075Paul McCandlessHearsay1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1076NightnoiseAt the End of the Evening1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1077Various ArtistsA Winter Solstice II1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1078Ackerman, WillImaginary Roads1988
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1079Wim MertensWhisper Me1988
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1080Isham, MarkTibet1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1081Cossu, ScottSwitchback1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1082Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '891989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1083Michael ManringToward the Center of the Night1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1084MontreuxLet Them Say1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1085NylonsRockapella1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH6-1086Various ArtistsLegacy: A Collection of New Folk1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1087Pierce PettisWhile The Serpent Lies Sleeping1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1088Aaberg, PhilipUpright1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1089Gorka, JohnLand of the Bottom Line1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1090Barbara HigbieSigns of Life1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1091Modern Mandolin QuartetIntermezzo1990Search
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1092Cliff EberhardtLong Road1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1093Hedges, MichaelTaproot1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1094John French, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser & Richard ThompsonInvisible Means1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1095Various ArtistsWindham Hill: The First Ten Years1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WH-1096David TornDoor X1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1097NightnoiseThe Parting Tide1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1098Various ArtistsA Winter Solstice III1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1099Story, LizEscape of the Circus Ponies1990
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1100DeGrassi, AlexDeep at Night1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1101Isham, MarkSongs My Children Taught Me1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1102Michael ManringDrastic Measures1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1104ShadowfaxWhat Goes Around: The Best of Shadowfax1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1105Richard Schönherz & Peter ScottUnder a Big Sky1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1106Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Guitar Sampler Volume II1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)WD-1110Turtle Island String QuartetTurtle Island String Quartet1988
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0081Winston, GeorgeBallads and Blues, 19721972Amazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0082Bola SeteOceanAmazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0083Basho, RobbieArt of the GuitarAmazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0084Renbourn, JohnSir John Alot Of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & Ye Grene KnyghteAmazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0085ShadowfaxWatercourse Way1985Amazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0086Cossu, ScottStill Moments1980Amazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0087Renbourn, JohnThe Lady and the UnicornAmazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0088Bensusan, PierreEarly Pierre BensusanAmazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0091Horn, PaulSketches: A CollectionAmazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0092Bensusan, PierreMusiquesAmazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0093Puck FairFair Play1987Amazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0094Story, TimUntitled1984Amazon
Lost Lake ArtsWD-0095Modern Mandolin QuartetMondern Mandolin Quartet1988Amazon
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11107-2Winston, GeorgeSummer1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11108-2Modern Mandolin QuartetThe Nutcracker Suite1991SearchNutcracker Suite
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11109-2Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '921991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11110-2Aaberg, PhilipCinema1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11111-2NightnoiseA Windham Hill Retrospective1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11112-2Cossu, ScottA Windam Hill Retrospective1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11113-2DeGrassi, AlexA Windham Hill Retrospective1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11114-2Ackerman, WillThe Opening of Doors1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11115-2Story, LizMy Foolish Heart1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11116-2Various ArtistsThe Impressionists: A Windham Hill Sampler1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11117-2Lynch, RayThe Sky of Mind1983
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11118-2Lynch, RayDeep Breakfast1984
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11119-2Lynch, RayNo Blue Thing1989
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11120-2Cossu, ScottStained Glass Memories1992
Windham Hill Records (BMG)11121Ackerman, WillA Windham Hill Retrospective1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11122-2MontreuxA Windham Hill Retrospective1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11123-2Øystein SevågLink1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11126-2Øystein SevågClose Your Eyes and See1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11128-2Various ArtistsVisom: Contemporary Instrumental Music from Brazil1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11129-2GaiaGaia1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11130-2NightnoiseShadow of Time1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11131-2DeGrassi, AlexThe World's Getting Loud1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11132-2PsychograssPshychograss1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11133-2Lynch, RayNothing Above My Shoulders But the Evening1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11134-2Various ArtistsA Winter's Solstice IV1993
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11135-2Modern Mandolin QuartetPan-American Journey1993Search
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11137-2Torcuato MarianoParadise Station1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11138-2Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '941994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11139-2Brickman, JimNo Words1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11140-2Anderson, JonDeseo1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11148-2Øystein SevågGlobal House1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11149-2Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Piano Sampler II1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11151-2Story, LizThe Gift1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11152-2Tuck & PattiThe Best of Tuck and Patti1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11153-2Various ArtistsIn Search of Angels (Soundtrack)1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11157-2Winston, GeorgeForest1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11162-2Obiedo, RayZulaya1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11163-2Various ArtistsPath: An Ambient Journey from Windham Hill1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11164-2Brickman, JimBy Heart1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11166-2NightnoiseA Different Shore1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11167-2Torcuato MarianoLast Look1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11169-2Penguin Cafe OrchestraConcert Program1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11171-2Various ArtistsThe Romantics: A Windham Hill Sampler1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11172-2Andy NarellThe Long Time Band1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11174-2Various ArtistsA Winter Solstice V1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11175-2Turtle Island String QuartetBy the Fireside1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11177-2Various ArtistsVoices (TV Soundtrack)1995
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11179-2Various ArtistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '961996
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11180-2Various ArtistsSanctuary: 20 Years of Windham Hill1996
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11184-2Winston, GeorgeLinus & Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi1996
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11220-2Various ArtistsA Winter's Solstice VI1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11222-2NylonsPerfect Fit1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11250-2Ackerman, WillSound of Wind Driven Rain1998
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11476-2Various ArtistsA Celtic Christmas Celebration1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)01934 11477-2Various ArtistsWinter Wonderland1999
Open Air RecordsOA-0301NylonsOne Size Fits All1984
Open Air RecordsOA-0302Siberry, JaneNo Borders Here1984
Open Air RecordsOA-0303Hedges, MichaelWatching My Life Go By1985
Open Air RecordsOA-0304NylonsSeamless1986
Open Air RecordsOA-0305Siberry, JaneThe Speckless Sky1985
Open Air RecordsOA-0306NylonsHappy Together1987
Open Air RecordsOA-0307NylonsThe Nylons1995
Open Air RecordsOA-0308NylonsThe Best Of1993
Rabbit EarsWH-0700Kelly McGillis, Michael HedgesSantabear's First ChristmasSearch
Rabbit EarsWH-0701Jack NicholsonThe Elephant's ChildSearch
Rabbit EarsWH-0702Jeremy Irons, Mark IshamThe Steadfast Tin SoldierSearch
Rabbit EarsWH-0704Jack Nicholson, Bobby McFerrinHow The Rhinoceros Got His Skin & How The Camel Got His HumpSearch
Rabbit EarsWH-0708Meryl Streep, Lyle Mays, Art LandeThe Tale Of Peter Rabbit, The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher & The Tale Of Two Bad MiceSearch
Rabbit EarsWH-0709Robin Williams, Ry CooderPecos Bill1988Search
Rabbit EarsWH-0710Meryl Streep, The ChieftainsThe Tailor Of GloucesterSearch
Windham Hill RecordsWH-1009DeGrassi, AlexSlow Circle1983
High Street Records72902 10310-2Dots Will EchoDots Will Echo1991
Windham Hill JazzWD6-0119Various ArtistsCommotion1989
Hip PocketHP-101Andy NarellStickman1981
Hip PocketHP-102Andy NarellDown the Road1982
Windham Hill JazzHP-103Andy NarellLight in Your Eyes1983
Hip PocketHP-105Andy NarellSlow Motion1985
Windham Hill JazzHP-0107Andy NarellHammer1987
Hip PocketWH-0120Andy NarellLittle Secrets
Dancing Cat RecordsBeamer, KeolaWooden Boat1994
Dancing Cat RecordsChillingworth, SonnySonny Solo1994
Dancing Cat RecordsKaapana, LedLed Live/Solo1994
Dancing Cat RecordsKane, RayPunahele1994
Dancing Cat RecordsKwan, LeonardKe'ela's Mele1994
Dancing Cat RecordsPahinui, CyrilNight Moon - Po Mahina1994
Dancing Cat RecordsPahinui, Cyril6 & 12 String Slack Key1994
Dancing Cat RecordsBeamer, KeolaMoe 'Uhane Kika1995
Dancing Cat RecordsKahumoku, MosesHo'Okupu, The Gift1995
Dancing Cat RecordsKotani, OzzieKani Ki Ho'alu1995
Dancing Cat RecordsKuo & IsaacsHawaiian Touch1995
Dancing Cat RecordsKamakahai, DennisPua'ena1996
Dancing Cat RecordsBeamer, KeolaMauna Kea - White Mountain Journal1997
Dancing Cat RecordsKaapana, LedKika Kila Meets Ki ho'alu1997
Dancing Cat RecordsKaapana, LedWaltz of the Wind1998
Dancing Cat RecordsKane, RayWa'ahila1998
Dancing Cat RecordsBeamer, KeolaKolonahe (From the Gentle Wind)1999
Dancing Cat RecordsChillingworth, SonnyEndlessly1999
Dancing Cat RecordsKamakahai, DennisOhana1999
Dancing Cat RecordsPahinui, CyrilFour Hands Sweet & Hot1999
Dancing Cat RecordsHui AlohaHui Aloha2000
Dancing Cat RecordsKaapana, LedBlack Sand2000
High Street RecordsGorka, JohnJack's Crows1991
High Street RecordsLarkin, PattyTango1991
High Street RecordsGorka, JohnTemporary Road1992
High Street RecordssubdudesAnnunciation1994
High Street RecordsAnderson, JonThe Deseo Remixes1995
High Street RecordsLarkin, PattyStrangers World1995
High Street RecordsMorse, SteveStructural Damage1995
High Street RecordssubdudesPrimitive Streak1996
High Street RecordsFabulous ThunderbirdsHigh Water1997
High Street RecordsLarkin, PattyPerishable Fruit1997
Living MusicWinter, PaulIcarus1973
Living MusicWinter, PaulCallings1980
Living MusicWinter, PaulMissa Gaia1982
Living MusicWinter, Paul ConsortSun Singer1983
Living MusicWinter, Paul ConsortCanyon1985
Living MusicWinter, PaulConcert for the Earth1985
Living MusicWinter, PaulLiving Music Collection1986
Living MusicWinter, PaulWintersong1986
Living MusicCastro-Neves, OscarOscar1987
Living MusicWinter, Paul & Pal HalleyWhales Alive1987
Living MusicWinter, PaulWhales Alive1987
Living MusicHalley, PaulNew Friend1988
Living MusicHalley, PaulPianoSong1989
Living MusicWinter, Paul ConsortEarth - Voices Of A Planet1990
Living MusicHalley, PaulAngel on a Stone Wall1991
Living MusicWinter, PaulAnthems1992
Living MusicWinter, PaulSolstice Live1993
Living MusicWinter, PaulSpanish Angel1993
Living MusicWinter, PaulPrayer For The Wild Things1994
Living MusicWinter, PaulDeep Voices1995
Living MusicWinter, PaulCanyon Lullaby1996
Living MusicWinter, Paul ConsortEarthbeat1998
Living MusicWinter, PaulSongs Of The Humpback Whale1998
Living MusicWinter, Paul ConsortWolf Eyes (A Retrospective)1998
Private MusicJames, EttaMystery Lady - Songs of Billy Holiday1994
Private MusicKottke, LeoA Shout Toward Noon1986
Private MusicYanniKeys To Imagination1986
Private MusicYanniOut Of Silence1987
Private MusicKottke, LeoRegards from Chuck Pink1988
Private MusicYanniChameleon Days1988
Private MusicKottke, LeoMy Father's Face1989
Private MusicYanniNiki Nana1989
Private MusicYanniOptimystique1989
Private MusicKottke, LeoThat's What1990
Private MusicYanniReflections of Passion1990
Private MusicKottke, LeoGreat Big Boy1991
Private MusicKottke, LeoPeculiaroso1991
Private MusicYanniIn Celebration of Life1991
Private MusicYanniDare To Dream1992
Private MusicYanniIn My Time1993
Private MusicJames, EttaLive from San Francisco1994
Private MusicYanniLive at the Acropolis1994
Private MusicJames, EttaTime After Time1995
Private MusicJames, EttaLoves Been Rough on Me1997
Private MusicKottke, LeoStanding in my Shoes1997
Private MusicYanniDevotion1997
Private MusicYanniIn The Mirror1997
Private MusicJames, EttaTwelve Songs of Christmas1998
Private MusicJames, EttaLife, Love & The Blues1998
Private MusicBryson, PeaboUnconditional Love1999
Private MusicJames, EttaHeart of a Woman1999
Private MusicKottke, LeoOne Guitar, No Vocals1999
Private MusicWhite, BarryStaying Power1999
Private MusicYanniLove Songs1999
Windham Hill JazzTuck & PattiTears of Joy1988
Windham Hill JazzZeitlin, DennyTrio1988
Windham Hill JazzObiedo, RayPerfect Crime1989
Windham Hill JazzTuck & PattiLove Warriors1989
Windham Hill JazzAndress, TuckReckless Precision1990
Windham Hill JazzTurtle Island String QuartetA Shock to the System (Soundtrack)1990
Windham Hill JazzTurtle Island String QuartetSpider Dreams1992
Windham Hill JazzFreeman, Russ & The RippingtonsBlack Diamond1997
Windham Hill JazzObiedo, RaySweet Summer Days1997
Windham Hill JazzChaquico, Craig, with Russ FreemanFrom The Redwoods to the Rockies1998
Windham Hill JazzVarious ArtistsMelrose Place Jazz1998
Windham Hill JazzVarious ArtistsMIDNIGHT GROOVE: The Art of Smooth Jazz1998
Windham Hill JazzFreeman, Russ & The RippingtonsTopaz1999
Windham Hill JazzKlugh, EarlPecular Situation1999
Windham Hill JazzSpyro GyraGot the Magic1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)VangelisAlbedo 0.391997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)VangelisHeaven and Hell1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)VangelisSpiral1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)VangelisThe Best of Vangelis1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)VangelisBeaubourg1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Arkenstone, DavidSpirit Wind1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Brickman, JimPicture This1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Brickman, JimThe Gift1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Ian, JanisHunger1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Johnson, Jeff & Brian DunningMusic of Celtic Legends: The Bard & The Warrior1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Arkenstone, DavidCeltic Book of Days1998
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Arkenstone, DavidCitizen of the World1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Harkness, SeanAloft1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)SamiteStars to Share1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Brickman, JimMy Romance: An Evening with Jim Brickman2000
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Ian, Janisgod & the fbi2000
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Ackerman, WillHearing Voices2001
Windham Hill Records (BMG)ShadowfaxA Windham Hill Retrospective1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Winston, GeorgeThe Velveteen Rabbit1991
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Hedges, MichaelThe Road to Return1994
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Hedges, MichaelOracle1996
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Anderson, JonToltec1996
Windham Hill Records (BMG)NightnoiseThe White Horse Sessions1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)YanniPort of Mystery1997
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Isham, MarkA Windham Hill Retrospective1998
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Hedges, MichaelTorched1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Various ArtistsMozart Variations1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Brickman, JimDestiny1999
Windham Hill Records (BMG)Hedges, MichaelThe Best Of2000
MontreuxLive at Montreux '841985
Various ArtistsWinter's Solstice1985
Various ArtistsWinter's Solstice II1988
Turtle Island String QuartetMetropolis1989
Turtle Island String QuartetSkylife1990
Various ArtistsWinter's Solstice III1990
Andress, TuckHymns, Carols and Songs about Snow1991
Obiedo, RayIguana1991
Taj MahalLike Never Before1991
Tuck & PattiDream1991
Turtle Island String QuartetOn the Town1991
Pahinui, CyrilThe Pahinui Brothers1992
Larkin, PattyAngels Running1993
Obiedo, RaySticks & Stones1993
Taj MahalDancing the Blues1993
Various ArtistsWinter's Solstice IV1993
Gorka, JohnOut of the Valley1994
Turtle Island String QuartetWho Do We Think We Are?1994
Various ArtistsBach Variations1994
Various ArtistsPiano Sampler II1994
Kwan, LeonardLive1995
Rankin, KennyProfessional Dreamer1995
Various ArtistsCeltic Christmas1995
Various ArtistsHawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters1995
Various ArtistsWinter's Solstice V1995
Winston, GeorgeSadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes1995
Douglas Spotted EagleCloser to Far Away1996
Gorka, JohnBetween Five and Seven1996
Morse, SteveStress Fest1996
Story, LizLiz Story1996
Taj MahalPhantom Blues1996
Various ArtistsCeltic Christmas II1996
Various ArtistsKi Ho Alu Christmas1996
Various ArtistsThe Carols of Christmas1996
Various ArtistsThe Grass Harp1996
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Daybreak1996
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Dreamscape1996
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Sampler1996
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Romance1996
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Tranquility1996
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Twilight1996
Winston, GeorgeBox Set/Complete Solo Piano Recordings 1972-19961996
O'Hearn, PatrickA Windham Hill Retrospective1997
Rankin, KennyHere in my Heart1997
subdudesLive at Last1997
Taj MahalSenor Blues1997
Tesh, JohnA Windham Hill Retrospective1997
Turtle Island String QuartetA Windham Hill Retrospective1997
Various ArtistsCarols of Christmas II1997
Various ArtistsCeltic Christmas III1997
Various ArtistsConversations With God1997
Various ArtistsOn A Starry Night1997
Various ArtistsSongs Without Words1997
Various ArtistsSummer Solstice1997
Various ArtistsWinter Solstice VI1997
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Lullabies1997
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - After Hours1997
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Dinner Party1997
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Between Friends1997
Various ArtistsRedbook Relaxers - Piano Reflections1997
Braxton BrothersSteppin' Out1998
Brickman, JimJim Brickman's Visions of Love1998
Castro-Neves, OscarBrazilian Days1998
Dykes, DoyleGitarre 20001998
Hall, LaniBrasil Nativo1998
Lynch, RayBest of Ray Lynch1998
Lynne, LisaDaughters of the Celtic Moon1998
McNally, JamesEverybreath1998
Perry, PhilOne Heart One Love1998
Shear, JulesBetween Us1998
Story, Liz17 Seconds to Anywhere1998
Taj MahalSacred Island1998
Tuck & PattiParadise Found1998
Various ArtistsA Jazz Christmas1998
Various ArtistsCeltic Christmas IV1998
Various ArtistsConversations With God - Disc 21998
Various ArtistsMADD presents Honor Them All1998
Various ArtistsSounds of Wood & Steel A Windham Hill Collection1998
Various ArtistsSummer Solstice 21998
Various ArtistsThanksgiving - A Windham Hill Collection1998
Various ArtistsThe Colors of Christmas1998
Various ArtistsThe Renaissance Album1998
Various ArtistsWinter's Solstice Reunion1998
Various ArtistsYoga Zone - Music for Meditation1998
Various ArtistsYoga Zone - Music for Yoga Practice1998
Vergueiro, GuilhermeAmazon Moon1998
Winston, GeorgeAll the Seasons of George Winston: Piano Solos1998
Winter, PaulGreatest Hits1998
Winter, PaulBrazilian Days1998
Braxton BrothersNow and Forever1999
Ingram, JamesForever More1999
Lynne, LisaSeasons of the Soul1999
Peterson, RickySouvenir1999
Scott, TomSmokin' Section1999
Silverman, Tracy ScottTrip to the Sun1999
Stewart, LarryLearning to Breathe1999
Taj MahalBlue Light Boogie1999
Various ArtistsA Celtic Christmas Peace on Earth1999
Various ArtistsA Jazz Noel1999
Various ArtistsCookie's Fortune1999
Various ArtistsDouble Scale1999
Various ArtistsHawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection, Vol. 21999
Various ArtistsHere, There & Everywhere - A Windham Hill Collection1999
Various ArtistsSounds of Wood & Steel 2 - A Windham Hill Collection1999
Various ArtistsSun Dance: Summer Solstice 31999
Various ArtistsWinter Solstice On Ice1999
Winston, GeorgePlains1999
Winter, PaulCeltic Solstice1999
YanniThe Private Years (Box Set)1999
YanniWinter Light1999
Osbourne, JeffreyThat's For Sure2000
Perry, PhilMy Book of Love2000
Taj MahalThe Best Of (The Private Years)2000
Tuck & PattiTaking the Long Way Home2000
Various ArtistsOrganized2000

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