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Why I Don't Use Public Transit in Austin

by on November 11, 2008

(But the tale is about the same anywhere, I reckon, unless one makes an effort to live near a bus stop or train station.)

8201 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78745
$1.00 (vs. $12.40 driving!)
Travel time: about 2 hours 11 mins

Bus – 1L – North Lamar/South Congress Via Lamar – Direction: Northbound
Service run by Capital Metro – 512-474-1200
5:21pm Depart Congress/Foremost (Stop ID: 5310) 1 hour 13 mins
6:35pm Arrive North Lamar Bay 3 (Stop ID: 5227)

Bus – 240 – Parkfield – Direction: Northbound
9 mins to make transfer
6:44pm Depart North Lamar Bay 2 (Stop ID: 5226) 33 mins
7:17pm Arrive Amhearst/Adelphi (Stop ID: 4876)

Walk to House – About 15 mins


No thanks. It only takes me an hour to drive the 20 miles from the Capitol Area Food Bank to home. OK. 50 minutes. On a good day.

Oh. And with gas at 2 bucks a gallon, it only costs me $3.50 to drive there and back. Not $12.40.

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