She's so smart…

So while the wife was having a CABi party at the house, Emma and I were out and about. We stopped at Costco to pick up some photos and a little something extra. We were waiting patiently in line, when it occurred to Emma that we had another option.

“We can do self check-out,” she proclaimed loudly – and immediately started pulling me towards the self checkout lane. Much to the amusement of other customers around us.

We navigated our way over, and indeed, the lines were shorter.

“Why didn’t you think of this sooner?” I asked her.

She didn’t really have an answer, but what amazed me is that she thought of it at all. Margaret never takes her to self check out, and I think she and I did self check out once, a month or more ago.

And this from the kid, if I ask her what she did at school that day, will say “I don’t know!”

Go figure.

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