Wagner, Gustav
    Wainright, Loudon
    Waite, John
    Waits, Tom
    Walden, Snuffy
    Walden, W.G. "Snuffy"
    Walk The Moon
    Walker Brothers
    Walker, Jerry Jeff
    Walker, Kit
    Walker, T-Bone
    Wall Of Voodoo
    Wallace, Oliver & Paul J. Smith
    Wallcot, Derek
    Waller, Fats
    Waller, Harry
    Waller, Thomas Wright "Fats"
    Walser, Don
    Walsh, Joe
    Wang Chung
    War, with Eric Burdon
    Ward, Anita
    Warnes, Jennifer
    Warren, Robert Penn
    Warwick, Dionne
    Was [Not Was]
    Washington, Dinah
    Washington, Grover
    Watson, Doc
    Weather Report
    Weaver, Sylvester
    Weaver, Sylvester & Walter Beasley
    Webster, Ben
    Weckl, Dave
    Welch, Bob
    Welch, Gillian
    Welch, Gillian & David Rawlings
    Wesley, Fred & The J.B.'s
    Wet Willie
    Whellans, Mike
    White Plains
    White Rabbits
    White, Barry
    White, Bukka
    White, Richard & Jesse Corti
    White, Richard E
    White, Snowy
    Whiteley, Michael
    Whitman, Walt
    Wide Boy Awake
    Wilbur, Richard
    Wild Cherry
    Willard Grant Conspiracy
    Williams, Cootie & His Orchestra
    Williams, Dar
    Williams, Deniece
    Williams, John
    Williams, Joy
    Williams, Lucinda
    Williams, Mary Lou
    Williams, Ren
    Williams, Robin
    Williams, Treat
    Williams, Victoria
    Williams, William Carlos
    Willis, Kelly
    Wills, Bob & His Texas Playboys
    Wilson, Al
    Wilson, Brian
    Wilson, Cassandra
    Wilson, Nancy
    Windham Hill Artists
    Wingfield, Pete
    Winston, George
    Winter, Edgar
    Winter, Edward
    Winter, Johnny
    Winter, Paul
    Winwood, Steve
    Winwood, Stevie
    Wishbone Ash
    Withers, Bill
    Wolverine Orchestra
    Womack, Bobby
    Wonder, Stevie
    Wonder, Stevie & Kimberly Brewer
    Wonder, Stevie & Wyclef Jean
    Woods, Ilene & Mice Chorus - Cinderella
    Woods, Renn
    Worrell, Bernie
    Wright, Betty
    Wright, Charles & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
    Wright, Gary
    Wrigley, Jennifer & Hazel

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