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Blog Action Day: Poverty

by on October 15, 2008

Whilst a student at St. Edwards, just a bit over a year ago, I wrote a couple of papers on economic inequality. It’s always been a feature, or bug perhaps, of the American experience.

I’ve been told that there’s nothing we can do about poverty. It’s too hard. There’s too many people who need help. That they don’t work hard enough. That they don’t even want to work. That they’re lazy. That it’s too expensive. That poverty will always be with us, so there’s no point in even trying to pull anyone out of it. And all they need to do anyway is pull themselves up by their bootstraps, tighten their belt, work hard, and they’ll attain the American Dream.

I disagree. Not respectfully disagree. I just flat out disagree. I believe there is something that can be done. The programs at the Harlem Children’s Zone pretty much encompass everything I came to believe that needs to be done to help relieve poverty.

<!– And one reason I support Barack Obama…he believes the Harlem Children’s Zone is a path out of poverty for children too. Watch Barack Obama speak about the Harlem Children’s Zone –>

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