Chisos Sunset, Christmas Day, 2020 | Big Bend National Park

Chisos Mountains sit under an orange sunset
Chisos Sunset, Christmas Day, 2020
Big Bend National Park

We were lucky enough to be able to head down to Lojitas, Texas for Christmas week. Two nights before Christmas, a sandstorm blew through the Big Bend area, with sustained winds of 30-40 miles an hour, and gusts of at least 50. We’d expected a brilliant sunset Christmas Eve with all that extra dust in the air, but it was just a hazy gray showing.

Taking a chance on Christmas evening, we drove to the Dinosaur exhibit, which provides a good vantage point of the Chisos, to see if we could get a nice sunset over the Mountains.

The evening exceeded all my expectations, as I watched the sun set for two hours, waiting to get this shot. It was particularly gratifying to have an idea of what I wanted the shot to look like, and be in the right place at the right time to watch the scene unfolded as I’d hoped.

Fantasy in White | Palo Duro Canyon

Infrared Photo, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

This is an infrared photo taken with a Canon 20D, converted for IR photography, almost certainly somewhere along the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River that runs through the park.

There’s a totally different workflow on the front end, when shooting with IR, but I really like the results when everything comes together in a photo.