2010-03-19: Tweets and Twitters

  • Kate Bush. That is all. #
  • Funniest tweet in months: @myerman awesome. just retweeted myself. #douche // Now to go delete retweet sans comment. #YeahMeToo #
  • My 6 word memoir, including AmeriCorps @VISTAbuzz experience, made it to #EconomyStory blog: http://bit.ly/bL7DUT #
  • Dear B&H – Yes, yes I have been looking at the 16-35, 18, 17-40, 24-105 and 24-70. Please stop stalking me across the intarwebz! 😉 #
  • Townes. That is all. #
  • RT @NickKristof: When a woman is 11 x as likely to die in childbirth in the US as in Ireland, we need #hcr My col: http://nyti.ms/bFTb0o #
  • "It's difficult to domesticate a large carnivore. They tend to eat your children and bite you." #

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