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10 Things My Daughter Won't Know – That I Do

by on June 4, 2009
  1. She won’t know a time when only white men could be elected President
  2. She won’t know what a modem is – let alone why you would use it to connect to the internet
  3. She won’t know that it’s OK to drink out of a garden hose
  4. She won’t know that you have to go to the library to do research
  5. She won’t know that you have to wait to have your photos developed before you can see them
  6. She won’t know that there was a time when you couldn’t but a computer on your lap
  7. She won’t know that you can change your own oil
  8. She won’t know that you can’t use electricity to power a car
  9. She won’t know the comforting clickey clack of a typerwriter
  10. She won’t know that Beta Max is better than VHS, vinyl sounds warmer than CDs or that film is superior to digital
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